Upcycling Fashion by Prakash.

Hotel Delhi” is a new upcycling collection by Prakash. Prakash Jha is the indian fashion designer behind the eco-couture label cocccon – creativity can care. An eco fashion label who produce garments out of organic and sustainable fabrics, non violence silk as well.
The “Hotel Delhi” Collection is upcycled from curtains, table and bed linen from a old hotel in south Delhi.
Model: Cheikh (new face from Berlin) & Ric at eurasia model pool
Make-Up: Marvin D Petersen
Fashion: Upcycling Fashion “Hotel Delhi” by Prakash
Styling and Photo by Georg Andreas Suhr
RIC_Upcycling_15_web RIC_Upcycling_14_web RIC_Upcycling_13_web RIC_Upcycling_12_web RIC_Upcycling_11_web RIC_Upcycling_10_web RIC_Upcycling_09_web RIC_Upcycling_08_web RIC_Upcycling_07_web RIC_Upcycling_06_web RIC_Upcycling_05_web RIC_Upcycling_04_web RIC_Upcycling_03_web RIC_Upcycling_02_web RIC_Upcycling_01_web Cheickh_24_web Cheickh_23_web Cheickh_22_web Cheickh_21_web Cheickh_20_web Cheickh_19_web Cheickh_18_web Cheickh_17_web Cheickh_16_klein Cheickh_15_web Cheickh_14_web Cheickh_12_web Cheickh_11_web Cheickh_10_web Cheickh_09_web Cheickh_08_web Cheickh_07_web Cheickh_06_web Cheickh_05_web Cheickh_04_web Cheickh_03_web Cheickh_02_web Cheickh_01_web

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