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Smailin always smile by Drugi Par Gaca

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What is the nature of our happiness? Until just a few decades ago, this issue was mainly in the hands of philosophers and poets, but now it seems to be an ultimate human challenge. People have always been interested in their emotions, and therefore it is no surprise that today one of the most intensively and wanted emotions is happiness. People want to understand what they feel, want to know what they are or what they value, and they want to know how to react to rewards. But in spite of this, people are also pretty good at synthesizing happiness – at finding silver linings. As a result of it, they usually end up happier than they expect.

But, let’s be careful with terms. Nylon is real – It’s just not natural. Synthetic happiness is perfectly real; it’s just man-made. Synthetic happiness is what we produce when we do not get what we want, and natural happiness is what we experience when we do. They have different origins, but they are not necessarily different in terms of how they feel. One is not obviously better than the other. Of course, now folks do not see it that way. Now people think that synthetic happiness is not as “good” as the other kind-that people who produce it are just fooling themselves and are not really happy. I know no evidence demonstrating that that’s the case.

Is being happy always desirable? Look at all the unhappy creative geniuses: Does not a certain amount of unhappiness spur good performance? Nonsense! By and large, happy people are more creative and more productive. Has there ever been a human being whose misery was the source of his creativity? Of course. But that person is the exception, not the rule.

That is why smile is the theme of this photo-article for many reasons. For the begging its always joy to create strong and interesting collaboration, so its this one with Berlin based photographer Georg Andreas Suhr almost inevitable every single time. And secondly, Georg, at the time of sending the images to my email,  unconsciously unveiled the title for this article, pointing out how the model on this images is always smiling in real life.

Drugi Par Gaća magazine continue the series of fashion portraits by Georg Andreas Suhr and this time we present Smailin. He is 24 years old from Dominik Republic but lives in Berlin where he study Business Administration with a focusing on Marketing. Smailin loves to act in front of camera which confirms a large number of his followers on Instagram. He is also at Model-Kartei. As Georg mentioned Smailin always smiles as it is coded in his Latino blood and heart.

Model: Smailin | Facebook | Instagram
Photographer: Georg Andreas Suhr aka George Andress Photography | Facebook | Instagram
Location: Berlin
Date: October 2017
Clothes: Socks: Barcode Berlin | Underwear: C-IN2 | ES Collection | Barcode Berlin




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