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Interview with RADIOROCKA from Pune

RADIOROCKA – Not only one more Boy Band

Interview with Joel D’Silva


Please introduce the members of RADIOROCKA and tell us who do what in the band?

Joel D’Silva singing with Lead  Vocals and playing rhythm guitar, The heart and soul of Radiorocka. Alan Samuel as the drummer with backing vocals for Joel. Emmanuel Samms on Keyboard and backing vocals.

When did you begun to make your music? When and how you met the members of the band the first time?

I have been making music since i was 14. I learned to play the guitar in a months time and immeditaley started writing songs. I knew Alan played the drums and we did go to the same school so it wasnt hard for me search for a drummer. Ema (as we like calling him) also did go to the same school and i offering him to play was all in total accident. we met one day while i was showing another friend my new song and he started singing which made me wanna listen to him more.

What are your influences?

Bruno Mars, Lana del rey and Maroon 5.

What inspired you to the songs and who writes the lyrics?

I write Songs and every song is inspired by True events in my life. I feel life is like a never-ending movie it just goes on, and on every turn i HAVE to write a new song.

Did your families support you?

Haha No, we never had any support from our parents and being a rebelious teenager I always wanted to prove them wrong.

Which Indian musician you like?

A.R Rahman! his music is different, simple and catchy.

Where do you see yourself and the band in 5 years? Tell us your vision and dreams!

In 5 years, Radiorocka will be right in its place. We all will have a major role to play.Radiorocka will be making music for a bigger audience. In this field, there is a very thin line between your personal and professional life. I would love to do this for a living since the top always gets higher the more that i climb.

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