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Today is time for my post number 111. It is one of my first “free” day since very long time. I will use this article to take a big breath and looking back and forward. Until now it was a successful year with outstanding projects. I create with my chinese partners 3 new fashion brands. It is always hard work to build an image for new fashion brands. After the strategy, planning and positioning we create logos and finish it with the brand book. It is always the first step and now the “kids” start walking.

Three international fashionweeks are behind me and I am looking forward what is the next… I am proud again to design a new winter collection for an Indo-German fashion brand. This is realy a new “playground” that make me happy. Honestly I am not a fashion designer… But I am always curious to learn new things.

Yesterday I also had my last day at the University and my student had exams.I love to teach and give all my long years experience to the next generation. I support the B.A. in the third semester with a brand project for a handmade vegan food lifestyle product. Be curious… I will publish it here on my blog…

So many new peoject will start in August… I will inform you here about all news. Now I need a little rest and hope to see you soon. many thanks to all the fans on my Blog…


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