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Catalog Shooting for 100Hands

Work of Art – Tailor Made Shirts

I have taken birth over a period of 32 hours where about 100 hands of highly expert artisans have taken immense care to invisibly sew my body with 24 stitches per inch. After a long and meticulous process, I am ready to be the finest in your wardrobe.

100 HANDS – Experience & Heritage

With over 100 years of heritage in the textile industry and passion for obsessive craftsmanship, 100Hands offers a story with every handcrafted shirt it produces. Each shirt goes through skilled 100 hands before it reaches your hands. You not only receive a high-quality handcrafted shirt, but you also get the story of each person that is woven into each part of the unique process. 100Hands blends tradition with contemporary elegance for those who truly appreciate quality.

Engin_100 Hands Model  019Engin_100 Hands Model  151 Odin_Engin_100 Hands Model  043 Odin_100 Hands Model  091 Odin_100 Hands Model  112 Odin_100 Hands Model  130

100Hands 100Hands 100Hands100Hands

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