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With over 100 years of heritage in the textile industry and passion for obsessive craftsmanship, 100Hands offers a story with every handcrafted shirt it produces. Each shirt goes through skilled 100 hands before it reaches your hands. You not only receive a high-quality handcrafted shirt, but you also get the story of each person that is woven into each part of the unique process. 100Hands blends tradition with contemporary elegance for those who truly appreciate quality.

We differentiate ourselves by our craftsmanship (which is the soul of the shirt) and produce shirts using the most traditional methods, many dating over 100 years. In the era where new industrialized mechanics can create almost everything, the golden touch of the artisan’s hands still wields the potential to produce magnificence that can never be replicated. The handwork ensures that every shirt is unique and has a character of its own.

Gentlemen’s White

Over the years hundreds of men ordered multiple and only white shirts during our personal consltuation with them for Bespoke shirting. We have therefore crafted a Monday to Sunday white collection for all the lovers of white shirts.

Savile Row Style

Shirt with signature Collar and Cuff inspired from our long standing relationship with the tailors on Savile Row, London – one of the most prestigous menswear streets in the world since 1674

Handwoven Organic Fabrics

This represents yet another expression of 100Hands commitment to perfection and sustainable living. The range of fabrics are not only GOT S and Fair Trade certified but are also woven by hand using old techniques which hardly exist in this modern world.

For the Selected Few

These shirts are defined by two words – Exclusive and Limited. Only 100 pieces per design are produced with each shirt having a hand sewn number from 1 to 100. The range includes cashmerecotton, organic silk and few special 100% cotton fabrics with hand finishing.

Each shirt goes through the following process, amongst others:

| Hand made patterns

| Individually hand cut per shirt

| Hand matched patterns throughout the shirt (the finest around the world)

| Hand sewn monograms

| Hand fused and unfused collar and cuffs

| Hand rolled Australian Mother of Pearl buttons

| Handcrafted pleated shoulders (optional)

| Invisible stitching levels (24 – 25 stitches per inch)

| One of a kind buttonhole

| Finest French Single Side Seams

| Signature Threadless stitching mechanics

| Others


Design: Georg Andreas Suhr
Styling: Georg Andreas Suhr
Photography: Heike Wippermann
Models: Odin and Engin

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