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Preview of my first Collection!

I was so proud when Chandra Prakash Jha, founder and designer at the Indo-German label COCCCON, asked me to create a male collection for the label COCCCON – creativity can care. “FAIR & GENTLE” was born and we start with a small winter collection made out of hundred percent organic non-violent silk. More information about COCCCON you find on the webpage or don’t miss any news on Facebook. But now enjoy my first small collection… Hope you like it…


Designed in Germany – Made in India

With a responsible & skilful approach to make menswear, COCCCON is exhibiting its first menswear collection fair & gentle at Greenshowroom @ Berlin fashion week, January 2014.

The harmony with nature and the respect for the life cycle of silkworms, while modernising it for today’s man, the Fall-Winter 2014-15 collection consists of a exclusive range of Organic Silk shirts, jackets, scarves, bows and neckties.

COCCCON, creativity can care, creates an economic perspective for artisans by adapting traditional handloom & hand-tailoring to contemporary demands.

fair & gentle by COCCCON is manufactured under socio-ecological and ethical standards.They are.

Textile Stage

We use organic & non-violent silk, wild & natural silk (no leather, fur, feather, bone, ivory or any other parts of animals). Some scarves are made from natural unbleached wool or silk-wool.

Textiles are produced under WTO, WFTO, GOTS or FAIRTRADE guidelines (i.e. without the use of forced labour, slave labour or child labour).

Dyeing & coloring of the textile or yarn is done with herbal dyes or in some cases with GOTS certified zero or minimum impact chemicals.

Bleaching is done by exposing the yarns or textiles to direct sunlight.

In some cases zero or low impact bleaching medium is used.

Printing is done either with herbal pigments or zero impact GOTS certified chemical pigments. Fixing of the printing is done only with steaming.

Production of Garments 

Stitching and finishing of the garments is done in following the guidelines of  WTO, WFTO, GOTS or FAIRTRADE which are:

Concerning Tailors

fair wages

working hour: maximum of 10 hours per day and 6 days per week

safe and certified Factory building and premise

clean, hygienic and safe working environments

extra care for female staff

health and accidental Insurance

medical and maternity leave

right to found or to become a member of a trade union


labels are woven out of recycled polyamide yarns or just printed on upcycled or reclaimed  labels

lining for jackets are made either of upcycled old sarees or in some case recycled PET fabric

* tags and packaging are made of 100% recycled paper

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