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My Students Work!

Today i will present the photoworks of one of my students from the design akademie berlin. In the 4th semester he makes his intership as travel-photographer in India. He travel around from north to south. Chris works as intern for the indian international brand agency INDI. This agency is based in Pune and have offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bikaner, Srinagar as well abroad in Hanoi, Berlin and Riyadh. Chis dream is to become a travel photographer and he travels a half year around india. Basically he study comunication design in Berlin. Check his amazing pictures and please read and see more pictures from him at the article in POOL magazine. I am realy proud of the his work and believe in his extraordinary view on the indian faces. Danke Chris! Thanks a lot to Chris.

His own website you can check here: Christopher Peetz Photography


Pune – A city wakes up…

Every day I wakes up at 6 am and make pictures at Proud Road in Pune. This pictures also published in india! magazine.

_MG_4137 _MG_4131 _MG_4114_MG_3904IMG_3869

Holi Festival in Pune

_MG_3911 _MG_3643 _MG_3628 _MG_3613

Faces of North India

_MG_3fff351 _MG_0033 _MG_0034-Recovered _MG_2089-Recovered _MG_2148-Recovered _MG_2187-Recovered _MG_3280 _MG_4682-Recovered _MG_4725-Recovered IMG_2151 zzzz_MG_3300 zzzz#_MG_3182 zzzzz_MG_3220

Link to his Website

Bildschirmfoto 2013-08-30 um 12.27.30

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