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„KarmaKonsum goes India!

The KarmaKonsum conference expanded in 2014 to Pune

“We are planning the first international KarmaKonsum conference in February 2014 Pune India”. explains KarmaKonsum founder Christoph Harrach. To build a network of sustainable and healthy way of life and business, he called 2007 KarmaKonsum conference in life that recently took place in the building of the Stock Exchange for the seventh time in Frankfurt. “The internationalization of the event is an important development,” adds KarmaKonsum partner Mike Kuhlmann. “So far, the conference was aimed only at national level. Now we want to take our ideas and values on a global level. ” Now Harrach and Kuhlmann founded together with Indian entrepreneurs and INDIdesign-founder Sudhir Sharma KarmaKonsum India. Sharma is an important business innovator and has been invited as a keynote speaker for this year’s conference in Frankfurt. Thanks Sharman Indian Communications Group INDI Design ( KarmaKonsum the German team can build on an existing business network in India. “With INDI design and other local partners, we can also perceive in the global market, our task as a catalyst for the issues of sustainable and healthy lifestyles (LOHAS) and responsible business (CSR) now.” Said Harrach the strategic relevance of the German-Indian partnership.“
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