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Gums Bleed!

High fashion meets Toothpaste – It will be never fits in Europe.

Its really not a win win situation from my point of view. Maybe its good for colgate but never for Manish. And by the way its not good when you will sell a white smile and white freshness with “blood-red” garments. And than am also confused when he mades a collection under the name “The Visible White Beauty collectio” in RED. Okay I know that we use different colors for a wedding dress. In the western society we never will use red for wedding dress because white is the color of innocence and purity. Yes… red is for LOVE… But in our religion we need white as color and a lily as symbol for purity. Maria, the mother of jesus christ, wear a blue garment when the angel comes to her to telling that she is pregnant. One of my friends react on this topic was “WHO will stop this indian fashion manic”… Please George you must do it… Teach all what you know about Branding and Image…

Sonam Kapoor launches Colgate Visible White

What is your Opinion?

Here you can read parts of the press release that I get from the PR agency.

Mumbai, April 25, 2013: Followed the perfect beauty regime for your perfect date next week, but wondering how you will make your gorgeous smile noticeable? Leave your worries behind and try the new Colgate Visible White toothpaste that promises one shade whiter teeth in just one week. Announcing the launch of India’s first of its kind whitening toothpaste today, Colgate, the market leader in oral care creates the beauty segment within Oral Care. Unveiling the product was the newly signed on brand ambassador – Sonam Kapoor. Adding to the glitter, she also walked the ramp at the event for Manish Malhotra adorning his showstopper. Designing the collection especially for the launch of Visible White, Manish’s collection was called The Visible White Beauty collection.

Sonam Kapoor Brand Ambassador Colgate Visible White said, “I strongly believe that a beautiful smile makes one more beautiful. With Colgate Visible White I am completely assured about my perfect white smile that makes me want to smile more each time I face the camera or meet new people. Promising one shade whiter teeth in one week, Colgate Visible White will give every girl that perfect dazzling smile to face the world. I am constantly asked what makes stars shine on the red carpet and I have to share that nothing pulls a look together like a bright beautiful smile.”

Displaying his special ‘The Visible White Beauty’ collection at the launch, Manish Malhotra said, “Being a fashion icon is not easy. A fashion icon does not just need the right design or the perfect fit, but also essentially needs to have the right persona. And the right persona comes from grooming, which is incomplete without a great smile and perfect white teeth. The new Colgate Visible White encourages youth who are fashion conscious to use a product that will aid the beauty and life of their teeth which will further enhance their style and boost their confidence.  My collection displayed at the launch is to complement how a perfect dazzling white smile just elevates the beauty of an individual. Designed for the young and confident shopper who has an eye for fashion, this traditional summer wear collection is contemporary, simple and chic. Light and breezy, the collection comprises of white designs, flowing seamlessly with metallic and red combinations.”

Prabha Parmeswaran (Marketing Director of Colgate-APlmolive India Limited) along with Sonam Kapoor and Manish Malhotra at the launch of Colgate Visible White Sonam along with Ayushmann at the launch of Colgate Visible White Sonam Kapoor and Manish Malhotra at the launch of Colagte Visible White Sonam Kapoor as the Brand Ambassador for Colgate Visible White

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