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Design India Network – beta version is online!

A bit about Designindia

I started Designindia (also known as Design India, Design group, Yahoo Design group, Design list, Indian Design, Design India Network etc etc ) first as a Yahoo! Group in September 2002. Motive that time was to keep in touch with a few friends and to share our discussions…social networks or even that term was not around that time. It landed up becoming a community group of professional designers.

In these ten years the Designindia Yahoogroup has remained a close group, in the sense each and every member is screened and then allowed to join in. This has greatly protected the quality of discussions that happen on this group.

Practicing designers, people related to design education (not students), design industry and design journalism and sometimes a few exceptions are on the yahoo group.

Most members have always responded to calls of various kinds, we have jobs being advertised, requests for help and collaborations, information and knowledge being attended to. It has become a community and a social network even before the term social network came into being. The group has debated design education, clients, social issues, community, design organisations, people and various events.

Looking back I find that the group was instrumental in discussing draft Design Policy that was lobbied and released in India, Designindia was instrumental in transforming National Design Summits, It was also helpful for Uday to organize “Design for India” in New York. Designindia actively participated in exhibitions in Korea and China.

Innumerable publications in India and abroad have picked up issues from this forum and featured people from this forum. POOL ( is a magazine that is an outcome from this forum.

Design India encourages positive action to take design in India ahead. It has become our google and our newspaper.

Now we have this Design India Network website, this will perhaps be a more formal voice of Indian Design, The vision is to use the tools available to network and organize the community of professional designers.

Design India remains headless and without control.

Design India forums exist on Yahoo groups, Linkedin, Facebook, Coroflot.

You are welcome to be a part of this community and any ideas to take this community ahead are welcome..

Sudhir Sharma

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